Blizzard has officially kicked off the sixth season of "Overwatch's" Competitive Play and players may have already noticed the number of changes that went alongside it. The game developer also did some hero balances yet again and these are currently live in the game's public testing realm.

New season new rules

Season 6 of "Overwatch" Competitive Play went live at 5 PM PT together with its numerous changes. Fans are pretty much aware by now about the adjustments made to the new season.

Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan already gave a heads up beforehand that Season 6 will be a month less as it will only be around for a couple of months.

Kaplan assured though that the annual average will almost be the same.

Skill tier drops will also be in full effect this season. This means that players' current tier status may go up or down depending on how they perform for the current season. Another tweak that Blizzard did is that players will just have to play five games a week to avoid decay. The previous season required players to play a total of seven games per week just to avoid skill rating decay.

Blizzard also decided to put players somewhere near their last stop on the previous season. The developer may have noticed that players tend to get demotivated with them being placed lower than they actually did last season.

'This is your Queen. Welcome to the Apocalypse.'

Meanwhile, the "Overwatch" player base is as of late raving about the Queen of Junkertown. Fans have only seen a glimpse of how she looks like in a poster within the game, not to mention her voice was heard across the new game map in one of the trailers. That being said, fans are now keeping their fingers crossed that the Junkertown Queen will be a playable character just like what Blizzard did to Doomfist.

D.Va tweaked again

D.Va, on the other hand, received another hero balance and Principal Designer Geoff Goodman announced it in "Overwatch's" forums. He said that they decided to nerf her missile as it was too powerful in previous stats. Albeit her new firepower got toned down, Goodman pointed out that D.Va's Micro Missiles still packs a punch provided that most of the rockets hit a single target.

The hero's Defense Matrix will be getting quite a buff as it will be getting an increased regeneration rate of up to 25 percent. This will result in a more frequent use of the DM while maintaining its two-second cap. Check out a video about the game here: