At the time of writing, "Overwatch's" new escort map dubbed Junkertown is likely being revealed to fans over at this year's Gamescom in Germany. As the new content is being introduced to its player base, the game maker has just released another update regarding the changes that they've done in the upcoming sixth season of the game.

Massive Season 6 tweaks

"Overwatch" Game Director Jeff Kaplan was spotted in a recently uploaded video as he provided details about the tweaks done in Season 6. Per the video, Kaplan revealed that succeeding Seasons will have a shorter duration as he stated that it will have a span of two months as compared to the current three.

He further explained that his team noticed that players tend to be more competitive only at the beginning of the Season. The game director added that they'll at least "try for a while" the shortened Season and listen to player's feedback from then on.

In line with this, Kaplan also pointed out some adjustments made to the game's competitive points. He said that the tweaks were done due to the aforementioned Season changes adding that competitive points will be bigger and rewards will be more frequent.

The game's skill rating decay also received some updates where it is said to be "less punitive" starting Season 6. Kaplan also mentioned about highly skilled players as matches for this group will be more balanced from now on, though waiting times will be a bit longer.

Instead of a best of five matches, the control maps in Season 6 will be much shorter as it was trimmed down to a best of three skirmishes.

Mercy getting 'sweet changes'

Meanwhile, it may well seem that the healer hero Mercy will be getting some tweaks in the future. Twitch streamer and "Overwatch" player Seagull recently put the game's lead designer Scott Mercer on the spot as he asked if there are balances that will be made with Mercy.

Mercer may have tipped about it as he responded that he cannot disclose any information yet, though he said that they are currently looking into it and went on saying that there will be some "sweet changes" in store for the character.

New healer plea

The lead designer also made it clear that they are not running out of ideas for new heroes adding that there are shortages of new characters.

He is also aware that the "Overwatch" community has been asking for a new healer to enter the fray as he highlighted that they are "listening to feedback from players." Check out a video here:

Check out a video here: