There are 25 heroes in "Overwatch" right now and Blizzard may add another Hero this year. With so many heroes in the game, a lot of people get confused and don't know how to use some heroes properly.

However, here you can read one Tip for each "Overwatch" hero. While these tips certainly won't help you become an expert, they will help you eliminate your enemies in certain situations or escape a tight situation.

Offense heroes

When using Seismic Slam with Doomfist, you can turn the hero around mid-flight to reposition him. As Genji, players can do a "super jump" by performing a double jump just before hitting the ground.

McCree can use Deadeye to quickly reload and catch his enemies off guard.

Pharah can quickly fly up, without using her fuel, by shooting the ground and pressing the jump button. As Reaper, you should shoot once before using Death Blossom to maximize your damage. Soldier: 76 can cancel his reload animation by using Helix Rocket or by sprinting, while Sombra becomes untargetable while using her Translocator. Finally, Tracer can start her Pulse Bomb animation before blinking, which should catch her enemies off guard.

Defense heroes

Bastion can heal between shots while the ultimate ability is active, without it affecting the rate of fire. Hanzo can charge his shots before climbing the wall, allowing him to deal maximum damage as soon as he can fire it off.

Junkrat can cancel his frag launcher animation into Concussion Mine almost instantly, while Mei can throw her Blizzard projectile in the air, to delay its start.

Torbjorn can quickly build his turret to level 3 by activating Molten Core and body-blocking the turret while upgrading it. Finally, Widowmaker can activate her scope before jumping, which gives her a charge-up bonus.

Tank heroes

D.Va can use her boosters to push leaping Winston away, while Orisa can cancel her reload animation with her Halt ability. Reinhardt can maximize his damage output by rotating while swinging his hammer.

When pulling enemies with Roadhog, use either melee or primary shot, depending on the target's health. Winston can melee just before landing after his leap, which allows him to do a quick burst of damage.

Use Avoid D.Va when using Zarya's Graviton Surge, and try to use it at some tricky spots.

Support heroes

Ana can cancel her reload animation with melee, grenade or sleep dart, and Lucio can reach further spots after using jump at the end of his wall ride. Mercy can fly to her allies even if they are not in the line of sight.

Symmetra can charge her Photon Projector on shields and barriers to get a damage boost before the fight. Finally, Zenyatta can fully charge his orb volley even if he only has one shot remaining.