Defense heroes are essential when it comes to holding objectives and wiping the opposing team that tries to capture them. As their name suggests, they excel at defense, and they can deal massive damage to the enemy team if they are used properly.

In this piece, you can read about one Common Mistake for every defense hero in "Overwatch." And yes, this includes Hanzo as well, although it's hard to believe that he's not flawless, right?


Bastion is capable of dealing massive damage and wrecking the opposing team in just a few seconds. Whether the hero is in sentry or recon mode, damage output is insanely high, but the real thing comes with his ultimate mode when this hero turns into a tank.

A lot of players don't use this mode properly, which is something they have to change. In the tank mode, players must use Bastion's skill for easy kills on squishy heroes and for mobility. Basically, you want to reach the high ground with Bastion in tank mode, and you can do it by aiming the turret to the ground, firing and knocking yourself up in the air. This will allow you to reach your targets easily, as well as avoid taking damage.


A lot of players use Hanzo only for his Scatter Arrow ability, and they use this ability while aiming at their enemies' feet. This turns out to be a big mistake, and Hanzo players should rather look for walls and corners as they will allow the arrow to bounce off and find its target.

Basically, players need to be creative and experiment with different surfaces in order to land an easy kill. While aiming at enemy's feet or the floor can get you some kills, there are far more ways of achieving this.


When using Junkrat, players have to be smart about his ultimate ability, RIP-Tire. This ability recently received some buffs, and it's one of the most devastating abilities in the game, so you have to use it carefully.

A lot of players guide the tire directly into their enemies and detonate it. However, you have to use this ability when the opposing team is making a push, and you should sometimes stall the tire. Junkrat's ultimate ability lasts for 10 seconds, so it's a good idea to stall it for a few seconds. This will make the tire quieter and easier to get among a group of enemies.


The biggest mistake Mei players make is a predictable use of Cryo-Freeze, as they wait for it to expire until they return to combat. This gives Mei's enemies enough time to prepare to take her down once she's unfrozen.

What you should do is unfreeze just a second or two before the ability expires. This will catch your enemies off guard and you will be able to score some easy kills this way, or simply run away using your Ice Wall.


Torbjorn players' common mistake is repairing turrets during a team tight. Players should use Torbjorn's weapons instead, as they can dish out some additional damage. If their turret gets destroyed, they can quickly deploy a new level 1 turret and continue the fight.

Bottom line is that a level 1 turret and Torbjorn deal much more damage than just the turret itself, even if it's on level 2.


Finally, Widowmaker players must use Grappling Hook properly and bait dive heroes with it.

Recently, the hook received a buff as its cooldown was reduced to 8 seconds, allowing the sniper to use it much more often than before. Widowmaker should use it to bait dive heroes to get to her and then escape by using the hook. By doing this, she can get a few easy shots at the hero that's chasing her, and possibly score some easy kills.