Destiny 2 has been out for two weeks now. Players are beginning to finish up endgame content and achieve 300+ Power Level. But how do you achieve this? After you finish the game and do all your missions high gear can stop to a halt for some. This Guide can help you get to 260 and hopefully up to 300.

Public Events and Patrols

If you haven't been doing a lot of Public Events you should start going for them now. Public Events are collaborative little missions you can do with other players and your fireteam. Doing these events give you the chance for Legendary and Exotic gear-- it's also faster than doing strike missions and you can play both of them.

You don't need to participate in a full event to earn rewards you do need to be in it, It's also worth noting if you do the heroic events you get more gear and have a better chance at Exotics not always though.

Patrols are another thing you can do to get better gear-- not only can you earn gear on some runs but you can earn tokens for that area. Using tokens on the main NPC in the area gives you Legendary gear this can be higher than what you already have. You have a chance of earning Exotic gear from Legendary Engrams so if you keep doing these events and patrols you could get lucky.

Strike missions

Strike missions are things you can do with friends or random players to earn more gear in one session.

Some are long but after a while, you know most of them so you can run through them. Since they offer a lot of gear you have a better chance at Exotic gear and you can do public events if it's in the path of your mission. There are more powerful missions you can do once you get higher up in levels so you can earn powerful gear for your efforts.

The Nightfall

The Nightfall is a team based strike mission that is at a higher difficulty. You have to cooperate with your team as your time counts down from 15 minutes sometimes 10 minutes. While this is going on your element changes from void, solar, and arc in a set order that switches up everytime you restart. If you use the right element you gain more damage if you use the wrong one you'll have damage reduction, it's important to switch the elements around with other team members.

The Nightfall missions can also lock your gear so you'll need to use your best or be flexible about it.

The minimum power level is usually 230-240 but since this is a 260 guide you're probably already passed 230. If you get past this Nightfall you'll be able to start thinking about doing the Prestige Nightfall which is 300+ but you can manage at around 270 and up. You will need a good team as you have less time and stronger enemies than before.


Raids are long and tough boss missions that you can have up to 7 people play at once. These raids usually have puzzle mechanics or specific things you have to do together. These can be difficult but once you finish the raid at the end you get powerful gear and Exotics so it's worth trying.

If you can't find a group the Destiny forums are a great place to find people.

Crucible and Story missions

The Crucible isn't the best place to get good gear but if you have some downtime you can get some Legendary and rare gear there. The Trials of the Nine is also a good place to get gear which starts every Friday. If you haven't completed all your story missions you can also get some gear from past missions you completed, some blue missions are available on your map or in the tower.


Milestones are your overall objective for the week. It can be something simple like do 3 Public Events or something difficult like beat this week's raid. Depending on the milestone you can earn powerful gear along with the quest you have to do so these are helpful for earning good gear. If you find yourself getting a lot of weak rares try using the loot booster item from the tower at tess enterprise. These last for 4 hours and are cheap so you can buy a lot if you need to.