Overwatch” cycles out its Competitive seasons every few months and the sixth one is right around the corner. Following the heavily toxic Season 5, Blizzard has made some significant changes for Season 6. These changes have been done to reduce the number of throwers while providing everyone with the same excitement every season. This, coupled with the upcoming hero changes, could see a whole new meta that steers away from the dive composition from Season 5. Let’s take a look at some of the changes Blizzard has in store for “Overwatch.” competitive Season 6.

Less Time

According to Dot Esports, one of the major changes that we’ll see in Season 6 is the shorter time span. Previous competitive seasons lasted for three Seasons, but the upcoming competitive scene will only run for two months. With that said, players will earn less competitive points after the end of the season, but they’ll earn more points after every win. Since Season 6 only has two months, Blizzard hopes that this will keep fans engaged as they tend to notice people dropping out of the competitive scene during the final month.

Skill Tier dropping

Dropping ranks isn’t anything new in “Overwatch” as Blizzard tied this in with those in the higher tier ranks. Players in Diamond and above would even have to worry about their rank decaying if they didn’t play enough games within a week.

Now, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond players will drop ranks if they continue to lose their games in a row. However, the compensation for this will be that Blizzard will place players in their actual rank, unlike before where they would intentionally place you lower, and you would rank up faster for a sense of “progression.” As for the skill decay, fans only need to play five games a week to maintain their rank.

However, even if their skill rating drops, it will only be by 25 points instead of the original 50.

Other things to take note of

That aside, high-level players will have a longer wait period when starting matches. This is to ensure they pair up with those close in their rank for a fair fight. Moreover, control matches have also been changed as they only require the best of three instead of the typical five.

This is to cut down the number of overtime periods and dragging fights. With these changes in mind, Blizzard aims to streamline the competitive scene and make it easier for people to jump in and play. Those who want to play “Overwatch” can get a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.