NRG Esports is an American eSports organization that has rosters in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (CSGO), “Hearthstone,” and ‘Overwatch,” among others. However, the eSports organization just signed the “Overwatch” pro gamer, Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won, for a $150,000 per year contract to join its Overwatch League roster.

The 17-year-old “Overwatch” player can also get the 50 percent of bonuses and other revenue sharing options acquired by the game’s League team. Nonetheless, Sinatraa’s $150,000 per year contract is $100,000 higher compared to the $50,000 salary per year for the regular gamers, ESPN reported.

All of the League’s contracts are one-year guaranteed deals with health insurance, housing as well as retirement benefits. Blizzard Entertainment deems all “Overwatch” gamers across the globe as a free agent eligible for signing a contract.

Sinatraa reuniting with Brad Rajani

The 17-year-old Sinatraa will reunite with former Selfless Gaming co-owner Brad Rajani, who is now the head coach of NRG Esports “Overwatch” team. Sinatraa departed from Selfless Gaming on July 7 after the esports organization ended its “Overwatch” team.

Sinatraa is known as one of the best “Overwatch” gamers in North America. As part of the Overwatch World Cup, Sinatraa will represent the U.S. against the South Korean team.

The competition will transpire from November 3 to November 4 in Anaheim, California.

On the other hand, Blizzard Entertainment made it known that they will make things a little more exciting for its team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter game. The video game company confirmed that the Competitive Season 6 of “Overwatch” will be concluded in two months, Sling Shot Esports reported.

Game director, Jeff Kaplan, stated that points in the Competitive Season 6 are also being adjusted. However, the video game company is also addressing skill decay and skill placement issues of several players.

Changes of Mercy

Meanwhile, the studio recently rolled out a new build on the game’s Public Test Region (PTR). The new build comes along with a number of tweaks.

The biggest change of the new PTR patch has been made to the field medic, Mercy. The character’s ultimate move now will not be able to resurrect individuals.

One of the normal abilities of Mercy will now include Resurrect. However, the character’s latest ultimate, dubbed as Valkyrie, unleashes her Valkyrie Suit’s full power. The Valkyrie will also enhance the “Overwatch” character’s abilities and weapons for about 20 seconds.