One of the major reasons why Blizzard’s first-person shooter title is very successful today is because the team has an open line of communication with fans. In the “Overwatch” forum the creator, lead designer, and other important personalities behind the popular game interacts with players and give answers to questions, complaints, and other issues. Interestingly, Jeff Kaplan artfully destroyed one troll whining about its issues on the game’s official forum recently.

Player complained

On August 28 in the official “Overwatch” forum, a user named Ceaya posted its issue with the subject, LOL I Just [got] Banned for a Week on my Main in Quickplay.

According to the forum user, it got a temporary ban because of Disruptive Gameplay. Unfortunately, the user took issue with the fact that the reports that led to the ban were based on the Quickplay Mode. Ceaya further stated that the reporting system is automated and can be abused all the time. He decried that players are not safe now even in Quickplay Mode.

The game has recently intensified its reporting and punishment system. Blizzard assured fans that additional update is coming to roll out more fix and improvement to the reporting and punishment in the game. While it is not as transparent as some players hoped it could be, Jeff Kaplan proved that it is effective.

Kaplan answered back

Game Director Jeff Kaplan is always responsive to players in the forum.

Many times he gives inputs that are useful to players especially those who are facing issues in the game. Ceaya’s statement in the game’s forum was never left unanswered by Blizzard. In fact, the game director himself took time to respond to the user’s post.

According to Kaplan, they checked the IP address of the account that the user posted and discovered that the account is suspended.

The director added that the account has 2,247 reports filed against it and is one of the worst offending accounts the team has seen. Aside from being suspended, the account is silenced for 9,216 hours. There are also three gameplay suspensions and seven silences against the account.

Kaplan added that the account the user is referring to belongs to actually a less-than-ideal-OW-citizen.

As for his parting words, Kaplan mentioned that he would be happy to look into the issue personally if the account turns out to be not of the user.

Reporting and punishment system

While it is sometimes fun to see people get burned by their own gas, it is also important to always be conscious of our actions all the time. The game has been given much time by the people behind it and is currently doing their best to give players a whole new different gaming experience. The reporting system in the game is being worked on and some features are already being enjoyed by the “Overwatch” players.