There is a new game-breaking bug in “Overwatch” causing players to lose Skill Rating points and getting Season Bans. Several days ago, Blizzard disabled both Oni Genji and Winged Victory Mercy skins in the game because it restricts the heroes Ultimate voice lines when they are equipped. Now, the skins are enabled, but it seems that another bug is ruining the popular first-person shooter game.

New bug

On Reddit, a user named Chromega1231 shared a new bug that is causing problems among “Overwatch” players. The bug is observed when someone leaves while the competitive match is loading.

When that takes place, the match loads and put everyone in a state that says it is waiting for the state of the players. The occurrence is not usual in the game’s competitive play. After that, the game recurrently tries to start, and every time it does fail. The bug affects the same players as the cycle repeats.

Bans and SR points drop

Players hit by this kind of bug automatically receive season bans regardless if they have no previous offenses. Also, these players have noticed a dramatic drop in their Skill Rating points. In the Reddit post, one player was made as an example losing 767 SR in just four hours. The rate is unbelievably faster than those received by offenders who were suspended.

Currently, it has not been confirmed if the bug affects all the players in the match where it happens. The Redditor cited eight instances where this bug is experienced. There are other players in the thread suggested that the bug has been going on in the game for almost six months. It appears that Blizzard was not able to do anything about this issue before.

Developer’s response

On the game’s official forum, game director Jeff Kaplan acknowledges the latest game-breaking bug reported by several players. According to him, they have recently identified the bug, which happens in extremely rare instances. Kaplan shared that this bug is a top priority of the team and are currently working to solve the issue.

Aside from acknowledging the issue, the game director also disclosed that while they are trying to come up with the fix, they are removing the seasonal ban for all players hit by this bug. Players will also get their lost Skill rating points back. Kaplan revealed that as of press time, there are 200 accounts affected by this game-breaking bug. He assured players that the team would continue to monitor additional occurrences and offer assistance.

Blizzard has not yet offered any timeline for the fix on the latest “Overwatch” bug. Players are hoping that it will be resolved soon.