Destiny 2” is now available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. The game is well-received in the gaming community even if the PC version has not yet arrived. There are many features that were not included in the game’s official launch. This includes the popular PvP event dubbed as Iron Banner.

New details about the monthly event recently surfaced online through a leaked information. While the monthly PvP event is already anticipated to arrive in the game, the game developer has not made any confirmation about its definite arrival in the second game installment.

Iron Banner

On “Destiny 2subreddit, a user named VandalSplicer shared a photo taken from the game’s database. One of the important details uncovered in the database includes a quest or a milestone connected with the monthly PvP event, Iron Banner. Based on the image, it appears that Lord Saladin will be the vendor for the said event once again. Another interesting detail from the milestone showed that Lady Efrideet will no longer be involved. She used to run the event in the Rise of Iron expansion. Instead, Lord Saladin will be at the grounds located under the Traveler.

Other details

Aside from those details, it seems like players will no longer encounter the daily and weekly bounties.

This makes complete sense because bounties no longer exist in the first game installment. In addition, the shared multi-shooter title is now based on quests and milestones. The daily reputation milestones have a refresh in every daily reset.

It looks like the Iron Banner will also have a daily milestone that will require players to successfully complete three challenges.

After completing the challenges, players will get a Reputation Bundle reward, which could contain a token that can be turned in for Iron banner engrams. In addition, there are also a couple of emblems themed for Iron Banner that were found in the game’s database.

Release date

So far, no one knows when exactly the monthly PvP event is arriving at the shared multi-shooter title.

But it is apparent that it will be in the game in October. Fans are expecting that Bungie will soon announce the details in its blog update.

In addition to the Iron banner, there are also previous leaks disclosing the inclusion of the Prestige Mode of the Leviathan Raid to the game. It is also anticipated to arrive in October. “Destiny 2” is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. PC players will have to wait until October 24 to finally get their hands on the second game installment from Bungie.