Gun Media and Illfonic recently disclosed the details of the upcoming Single Player content of “Friday the 13th: The Game.” The content has been requested by a majority of fans since the game was launched. After a series of bug-fixing and resolving issues, it appears that the team behind the popular asymmetrical horror title is now ready for the most requested component.

There are interesting details that players should get excited about, in the component. So far, the developers have revealed three major aspects of the Single Player campaign of the game.

This includes the Challenges, Offline Bots, and the Virtual Cabin.

Single Player

On the official website of “Friday the 13th: The Game,” the team shared their detailed plan for the upcoming campaign. Single Player will be a three-part content that will introduce some offline features. The latest announcement was made following the most recent release of the update that features new emotes, outfits, and a plethora of fixes and balance changes.


Unlike other games, the Single Player content will not be driven by a story. Instead, players will be given a set of challenges, deaths and some nudity. According to the team, the iconic films where the asymmetrical horror title is based are not really known for their storyline.

The movies are about Jason Vorhees, his victims, and his kills. And it seems that the horror title is also heading on that approach.

The Challenges will kick off with a scene where Jason Vorhees starts stalking his innocent prey. Players can expect that part of the Challenges will include picking up weapons and slaughtering Counselors, to name a few.

Offline Bots

In addition to Challenges, the Single Player content will have Offline Bots. Through this, the player can play by himself. There is no need to invite other players. In this feature, the player will assume the role of Jason Vorhees whenever the player wants.

This feature is very helpful for players who would like to hone their skills in killing as Jason.

While the AI will not likely react the way other players do in the PvP matches, it is a great venue to test Shift ranges and navigate maps to track and kill the Counselors.

Virtual Cabin 2.0

Aside from the Challenges and Offline Bots, the single player will also have the Virtual Cabin 2.0. This is a revamp of the first iteration of the Virtual Cabin in the game that was initially introduced in the Kickstarter Campaign. Players can expect that there will be numerous jump scares in this new version of the Virtual Cabin.

Gun Media and Illfonic have not yet provided the timeline for the Single Player component of “Friday the 13th: The Game.” Fans are hoping that it will be released soon.