The long-awaited release of the most powerful Legendary creature, Mewtwo, in "Pokemon Go" might be facing another delay. The most recent speculations were triggered by the latest email sent by Niantic Labs to the players. The anticipation for the arrival of Mewtwo in the popular augmented reality title started during the Anniversary event.

The hype built up when the developer released the Legendary Birds and Beasts in the game. The general assumption of the community is that Mewtwo will be launched in the latter part of September or early part of October.

However, it seems that this is not going to be the case anymore.

Latest email

A new email from Niantic Labs sent to "Pokemon Go" players suggests that the EX Raid testing will be extended and expanded to Europe and Asia. The further testing of the new type of raids in the game that will feature Mewtwo is planned to extend to more weeks. The EX Raid Battle testing was initially launched in selected locations across the globe. Lately, increased testing was experienced in Europe and Asia.

New focus

The latest EX Raid testing seems to be centered on Gyms. The game has even collaborated with Starbucks to conduct these activities. In the entire run of the testing, the only non-sponsored Gym invitations that were reported were in Chester, United Kingdom.

This is the same place where the great Heritage Event happened.

Meanwhile, according to a report by PGHub, the testing is expected to intensify and expand to sponsored locations outside Europe and Asia. The site claims that the current pattern that they have observed in the past releases, showed that the testing starts with sponsors, then expands to the rest of PokeStops and Gyms.

Equinox Event

Aside from the Ex Raid Battle's on-going testing, players are now engaged in the new activity in the game dubbed the Equinox Event. Those who participate in this most recent event will receive rewards. This includes Stardust, triple XP, and surprises in the 2km eggs. The eggs could include the rare type of pocket monsters.

The game developer has recently fixed the issue with double Stardust rewards that frustrated players. The Stardust reward is not functioning properly and some are giving out double stardust while some are not. With the recent fix, players should not experience the same issue in the Equinox event and the Stardust rewards are now functioning as intended.

It seems that players will have to wait longer for the arrival of Mewtwo in "Pokemon Go." The augmented reality title is playable on iOS and Android devices.