On September 27, Blizzard released one of the most sensational “Overwatch” comics. Titled “Searching,” the new issue contains one of the biggest mysteries in the popular first-person shooter game. It is the continuation of the animated short dubbed as “Infiltration” that was previously released in the game.

“Searching” is loaded with in-game lore and follows the story of the pink-haired Russian Weightlifter, Zarya on a mission to locate Sombra. The tasked is given to her by the CEO of Volskaya Industries, Katya Volskaya. Zarya traveled the world without any luck of finding Sombra.

Instead, she found a companion in an omnic hacker named Lynx Seventeen.

Personalities of Numbani

There are several significant points in the latest Comic of “Overwatch” that some fans might have missed. This includes Zarya meeting the important personalities of Numbani—Orisa and her creator, Efi Oladele. In the hero’s search for Sombra, it is revealed that she meets these two personalities when she went to Numbani. While these characters have not personally known each other, it is clear that they have already encountered one way or another.

Efi Oladele was first introduced in the game’s lore in February 2017 through a newspaper article. She was previously speculated to be the next hero in the game.

It turned out it was Orisa, one of her creations, whom she made to protect the people of Numbani against Doomfist.

New non-binary character

Aside from the personalities in Numbani, “Searching” also introduced the first non-binary character in the game named, Lynx Seventeen. The information was recently confirmed by the game’s lead writer Michael Chu.

Lynx Seventeen is a gender-neutral character that would prefer to be referred to as they or them.


Another interesting detail that was revealed in the latest Comic is Alejandra. The character was initially introduced in the previous animated short titled “Hero.” So far, it is hard to tell if the character has information about Sombra.

However, it is interesting to note that she was the reason why Zarya got to meet the omnic-hacker.

Sombra’s real name

The most important revelation in “Searching” is Zarya being able to figure out the real name of Sombra. It is still vague how the pink-haired Russian weightlifter was able to know the real name of the hero, but after reading the entire Comic, fans already know that Olivia Colomar is Sombra’s real name. Some fans believe that it was Alejandra who provided the information to Zarya.

There is something massive coming up for Blizzard’s first-person shooter title. After Doomfist was officially launched in “Overwatch,” it seems that the game developer is preparing the fans for something big that is going to happen soon. In the comic, Sombra can be quoted saying that something big is happening that will affect everyone and everything.