Overwatch” hero Mercy is still being tested on the PTR following her recent rework. PC players get to try out her latest changes that give her a more offensive play style. Initially, she relied heavily on hiding and waiting for the enemy to swoop in and eliminate her Team. Once they were down, she would dive in and bring everyone back to battle with her Resurrect ultimate ability. She can’t rely on this strategy anymore, which may come as a shocker for some players. However, her gameplay is arguably better due to how active she is in the field.

Here are some tips to help you get started with the new “Overwatch” Mercy.

Join the fight

Most Mercy players are probably used to staying behind cover to the point where they stop healing their allies. While the support hero should still be used defensively, there’s not much point in completely hiding anymore. For the most part, you should be with your team and provide assistance at all times. Don’t forget to stay behind cover for the most part as you’re still a vulnerable target, but don’t lose sight of your team. Remember that you’re no longer a “trump card,” but more of a sustainer who keeps the fight going with heals and single resurrections.

Mind your cooldown

Mercy users don’t have to worry about cooldowns as she only had a single skill that had one: Guardian Angel.

Not to mention that the said escape ability only had a two-second cooldown. However, since the Resurrect has been bound as a second ability, “Overwatch” Mercy players will have to learn how to look at their lower right screen from time to time. Her second ability has the longest cooldown in the game, standing at a whopping 30 seconds.

It’s easy to get yourself in deep trouble by diving near the front lines to save an ally, but only to find out that your Ressurect still has a few seconds left before it's available to use again.

Prioritize healing over killing

Ever since Blizzard shared the details about her new ultimate ability, Valkyrie, many players have gotten the wrong assumption that she’s now a DPS character.

Her new ultimate greatly amplifies her abilities, and that’s something Mercy users should take note of. Instead of flying around and hunting down enemies, focus on chain-healing/damage boosting key targets to make the most out of your 20 seconds. “Overwatch” Mercy is a very powerful hero, but most of her strength comes with rescuing and boosting her teams instead of actually dealing damage.