On September 19, Blizzard rolled out Patch 1.15 for the “Overwatch” live servers. The most recent update brings changes and fixes to the game and to its UI. It also introduces the new Escort map called Junkertown, which was previously launched by the developer through a walkthrough video that features Roadhog and Junkrat.

In addition to the fixes and several changes, Patch 1.15 also launches several heroes equipped with balance changes. This includes the winged-hero Mercy and her new Ultimate. The patch also tweaks Reinhardt’s Barrier Field. Moreover, D.Va gets several changes, one of which nerfs her Defense Matrix.

Defense Matrix

The latest Update in “Overwatch” introduces a new ability to the mech-piloting hero, D.Va. However, there is an interesting change that most players are not pleased. In the patchnotes released by Blizzard, it is revealed that the hero’s Defense Matrix now depletes twice as fast. However, to provide extra balance, the hero’s energy regeneration has been increased slightly.

According to the developer, the uptime of D.Va’s Defense Matrix was too strong that decreasing it without implementing several tweaks will just make her too weak. To achieve balance, Blizzard equipped the hero with a new ability that allows her to fire while flying. This latest ability will provide her with new options while keeping in check her Defense Matrix to still disable massive attacks from the enemy.

New Ability

D.Va now has Micro Missiles that enables her to launch a sequence of small rockets that blows up upon impact. This creates damage in a limited range around every explosion. This new ability can be used even if the hero is utilizing her other abilities. For her Booster, the mech-piloting hero can now fire her Fusion Cannons while flying.


Apart from D.Va, Reinhardt also gets a new tweak on his Barrier Field brought by the latest patch. Now, the hero has the ability to look into his surrounding while holding his shield in front. This minute quality of life change is significant as it enables Reinhardt to be more aware of his environment.


In addition to several heroes balance changes, the patch also released the highly anticipated Escort Map to the game.

Junkertown is now available for players to explore. The new Escort Map is set in the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback. The place is ruled by the leader only known as the Junk Queen. This is the home base of the popular Australian heroes’ Roadhog and Junkrat.

The “Overwatch” Patch 1.15 also rolls out several much-needed bug fixes. Hotfixes are also released to fix several issues in Deathmatch mode.