Overwatch” is one of the most successful first-person shooter titles in the gaming world today. The game has a massive player base that other FPRS titles today would like to have. Aside from its continued release of interesting content to the game, Blizzard also features creative shorts, lores, and comics that retain the interest of its players.

However, like other games today, the popular first-person shooter has also had its fair share of bugs. These range from bugs that cause minor issues to game-breaking bugs that frustrate players. Recently, a player discovered a bug that allows a 12v12 gameplay.

This kind of bug is something that players do not want to get fixed.

Fun bug

On Reddit, a user named Oizen shared his latest discovery while playing “Overwatch.” The Redditor shared a video of a 12v12 gameplay that is caused by the bug. The popular first-person shooter title from Blizzard is a 6v6 multiplayer game and seeing it accommodating a 12v12 gameplay is awesome. From the uploaded video, it appears like the gameplay is an absolute chaos and total disorder. It also gives an impression that it is not ideal for meaningful competitive plays. On the brighter side, it seems fun amidst the chaos.

Players’ reactions

The community has a mixed reaction about the recent bug. Some players find it fun and are already giving out their ideal list of heroes for the gameplay.

A user named Morganelefay gives their ideal gameplay. For the Redditor, it is a 12v12 with no 1-hero-limit consisting of four Tracers, four Winstons, and four Lucios. Another Redditor named -Shinanai- shares their ideal setup, which is a 12-Mercy crew without time limit.

A user by the name TheRealIMU is surprised at how well the server is handling 24 connections with all the effects.

The user also points out that the game developer could make a 12v12 game mode. On the other hand, user SileAnimusBaby shares that a player could crash a 12v12 server.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has now enabled Oni Genji and Winged Victory Mercy in the game. Several days ago, the game developer disabled these legendary skins after numerous reports surfaced that the skins are causing an issue in the game.

Players noticed that when they are equipped with an Oni Genji or Winged Victory Mercy, their Ultimate voice lines are not functioning properly.

Blizzard immediately disabled the skins and fixed the issue. “Overwatch” players should now equip their heroes with the skins without experiencing the previous bug. You can check out the video of the 12v12 gameplay below.