The Nintendo Switch continues to surpass expectations as it has once again reached another potential milestone within its first year on the market. According to Japanese data group, Media Create, the console has passed 1.5 million units sold in #Japan.

A busy week

According to the data, Nintendo managed to sell approximately 69,654 units in the previous week, bringing the current total to 1,527,962 sold through Japanese retail. The Nintendo Switch's recent performance is attributed to the releases of some highly anticipated titles. Last week's sales boom is possibly linked to the release of Monster Hunter XX.

The game was launched in Japan on August 25 and managed to sell 84,277 units within a mere 3 days.

Another highly anticipated title considered as a contributing factor is Splatoon 2. Although it was released back in July, the title has currently surpassed 1 million units sold since then. It was also the no.1 ranking title in its first week on the market.

Defying the odds

The Nintendo Switch continues to do what some might consider to be the impossible. The console is coming off the heels of the disastrous Wii U – Nintendo's most disappointing console. it's predecessor was released back in late 2012 and has only sold 13.5 million units in it's lifetime.

The Nintendo Switch has its own problems to deal with.

Currently, the console is being undermined by an industry wide shortage of components brought on by an aggressive competitor in the form of American tech giant Apple.

Despite facing these challenges however, the Nintendo Switch continues to rake in big sales from it's Home Market as well as the rest of the world. In fact, it has been doing so from the very beginning.

Back in March, Super Data, an American data group reported that the Nintendo Switch passed 2.4 million units worldwide within its first month. Later in July, Nintendo themselves reported that their console had passed 4.7 million units sold worldwide.

Still more to come

The Nintendo Switch still has a long journey ahead of it.

Tensions are high as competition is likely to become more detrimental to the console in the remaining year. Sony remains the dominant company in the console market with their PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles taking the lion's share of the sales.

Additionally, Microsoft remains undeterred and could turn things around with their Xbox One S (already out) and their upcoming – and already popularXbox One X variant later this fall. Hopefully, the Nintendo Switch predicted to continue its rise with more upcoming releases – the most ambitious being Super Mario Odyssey.