Developer Team Ninja has some big gaming announcement this week. The game developer has announced the third and game’s final DLC for its Dark Souls-like action RPG “Nioh.”

According to Wccftech, the game’s final DLC, “Bloodshed’s End,” will be made available this coming September 26. Creative director Tom Lee shared new details about the upcoming expansion DLC in a blog post on PlayStation Blog. Lee explained that the upcoming DLC will pick what the developer has left off in the previous DLC Defiant Honor. This mark the final phase of the Sengoku-era, and the end of William’s journey, the developer added.

What to expect from 'Bloodshed's End'

Aside from the newly added new main, sub and Twilight missions, the upcoming DLC will also introduce a new mode called "The Abyss." The new mode offers epic battles along with unique challenges for the most skilled “Nioh” players. This allows players to test their skills in a perpetual battleground. Additionally, the upcoming DLC will also add new characters, Guardian Spirits, and Yokai. There’s also new difficulty level for the action role-playing “Nioh,” the Wccftech reported.

As mentioned earlier by GameRant, the upcoming "Bloodshed’s End" will only cost around $10. Players who already purchased the game’s $25 season pass will receive the new DLC at no additional charge.

Team Ninja is expected to reveal more details about the new DLC in the coming days.

About the PS4-exclusive gaming title

First released in February 2017, "Nioh" is an action role-playing game developed and published by Team Ninja for the Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles. The game is set in Japan during the year 1600 within a fictionalized dark fantasy version of the late Sengoku period when Japan was in the midst of civil war.

The game’s story was based on the life of Williams, the game’s main protagonist. Players guide the main character William on missions through enclosed environments, fighting both human adversaries and supernatural creatures. Gameplay focus around navigating levels and defeating supernatural creatures that plagued the area.

The game was first introduced by original game developer Koei in 2004.

Originally planned for October 2016 release, Nioh was delayed to make way for some last-minute adjustments, as a response to some players feedback. Nioh was among those games that have supported the PlayStation 4 Pro model, which featured some graphical improvements.

"Nioh" is currently available on Sony’s PS4 consoles only.