Microsoft launched the Xbox One X at this year's E3 event after months of speculation. The power and graphical capability of the hardware were already well-known facts by the time the device was unveiled. However, fans complained about the $500 price tag for the system that Microsoft announced. Now, a few months after its launch, the 4K-compatible Xbox One X has become the most pre-ordered gaming console in the company's history, according to a statement from Microsoft. Although the yet-to-be-released system cannot be classified as a new generation of the Xbox consoles, nonetheless, Microsoft says it's in huge demand.

What did Microsoft say?

Microsoft started the pre-order program for the upcoming console this past Sunday, August 20. In the next five days, the fans responded beyond the expectation of the company and pre-ordered the console more times than any other Xbox system in the history of the platform. The company revealed that the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition has now been sold out across most of the countries.

The Project Scorpio Edition is a special edition of the console, which is only available through pre-orders. It comes with a specialized box and carries a logo that marks it as a limited edition of the gaming system. The system is overall redesigned in this special edition and also comes with a vertical stand.

However, it seems the limited quantity and the condition of it being available through pre-order only may have been what drove so many fans to order one unit.

Are the pre-orders over?

Microsoft has revealed that it will not develop any more of the limited quantity Project Scorpio Edition of the console for those markets that have run out.

So, if all of these units are sold out in a particular market, then they are sold out for good. However, the company revealed that the standard versions of the Xbox One X will soon be available for pre-order once again. The stocks will be refilled over time and there is no need to panic if one has missed out on the pre-orders in the first wave.

Microsoft said that it will share details about the pre-orders in September, so those looking to purchase the console should check these details out in the coming month. The Xbox One X will be released in the markets on November 7 and many fans cannot wait to get their hands on the device. It remains to be seen whether the console manages to impress gamers with its powerful performance and mind-blowing graphical processing abilities.