A brand new update is scheduled to arrive for the popular adventure survival game, “Ark: Survival Evolved.” The new patch will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A massive update will be rolled out on the game’s PC version in the form of the Ragnarok patch. The new update will also bring new bug fixes and game optimizations. The game was officially released several days ago and it appears that the developer is continuously working on more contents that will give players more fun and adventure.

Upcoming Update

According to the game developer, Studio Wildcard, a brand new patch will be rolled out to “Ark: Survival Evolved” on September 8, 2017.

This content was initially scheduled to arrive last week but was later postponed because of the release of the base game. The new update is massive as it contains the much-awaited Ragnarok Mod for the game’s PC version. The patch will introduce new Tek Shield and Tek Sword.

More content

Apart from the patch that will be released this week, Studio Wildcard will roll out more content to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. This will feature a couple of tamable creatures, the Phoenix and the adorable Otter. Several bug fixes and improvements will also be included in the next content.

According to the guide released by the game developer, players who will attempt to pacify the Phoenix will be literally playing with fire.

For the creature to be tamed, players must continually set it ablaze. Studio Wildcard further reveals that there are many that have tried their luck taming the mythical creatures were turned into ash and dust. While players will not be able to ride on the Phoenix because of the flame shrouding it, it has proven its value in battles.

In addition, the creature can be used to cook meat and refine raw ores at any given time.

Joining the Phoenix is the adorable Otter. This creature is known as a loyal companion and would comfortably ride at the player’s back when traveling to provide insulation. When the Otter, particularly the Lutra Peloso kind is tamed, players can use it to do several things.

This includes harvesting fish and scavenging silica pearls. There is even a chance that it could find black pearls.


Meanwhile, a new expansion is coming to “Ark: Survival Evolved” in October 2017. Dubbed as "Aberration," the expansion will bring players to a place where everything is falling apart. It will introduce new creatures, features, and challenges. You can check out its trailer below.