Several Pokemon GO players are still using illegal third-party applications. A few days ago, Niantic updated the game’s security system. The new update targets all third-party applications that use unofficial Pokemon GO program interface. According to Pokemon GO Hub, the purpose of security update is to remove third party applications, such as online trackers, bots, and the commonly used IV Checkers.

What is the intention of the new security update?

A lot of players are using IV checkers because it can easily calculate Pokemon Individual Values. This tool can simply find out the best Pokemon in the Pokedex.

The security update does not target GPS spoofing applications. Players should be more careful because the update aggressively flags accounts at a much faster rate than before, which resulted in a large number of shadow bans, warnings and flagged IPs. Players are disappointed with the new security update because GPS spoofers are not affected.

New real-world event to bring communities together

On the other hand, Niantic recently announced three new real-world events. The events will take place in the United States. The first event will be held in Akron, Ohio. It will be a two-day event on August 26 and August 27. The second event is Viva Calle San Jose on September 17, while the third event will take place at Philly Free Streets on October 28.

The event will feature additional PokeStops, fixed route to walk, and increased rare Pokemon spawns.

Akron will have public charging stations for players

Akron is the fifth largest city in the state of Ohio and home of the University of Akron. Niantic has teamed up with John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to encourage Akron residents and visitors to connect to the downtown neighborhood using the innovative augmented-reality game Pokemon GO.

During the event, Akron’s public spaces will include charging stations. The downtown corridor will include an increased number of temporary Pokestops, and Pokestops are aligned with a map of local retailers.

Streets will be closed for the upcoming event

The Viva Calle San Jose program on September 17 will temporarily close the streets to bring communities together to walk, bike, skate, play, and explore the city while playing Pokemon GO.

Philly Free Streets, on the other hand, is a people-powered initiative of the City of Philadelphia. On October 28, the streets will temporarily close to cars, inviting people to walk, bike, and play Pokemon GO.