Overwatch” continues to expand as Blizzard patches in more content in the game. Just recently, they released a new update that brings in some new elements to the game. Those who have been waiting for the Junkertown map can finally play it on the “Overwatch” live servers across all the platforms. Meanwhile, D.Va and Mercy players will be pleased to hear that their changes are also included in the latest Patch.

Escort another payload in Junkertown

The newest “Overwatch” map, Junkertown, was announced back during Gamescom 2017. Since then, fans were able to test out the map on the Public Test Realm servers on PC.

While console players didn’t have the chance to play it, Blizzard has finally included the map in the latest update, as per the official patch notes. This is the first additional escort map that has arrived in the game since it launched last year.

Junkertown is based in the Australian outback after the events of the infamous Omnic Crisis. If you’re interested in the lore, there are a few new details about Junkrat, and Roadhog scattered around the area. The land is desolate and barren, reflecting the explosion that destroyed the Outback during the crisis. Junkrat also explained the reason for delivering the payload in his animated short, “The Plan.” The payload is actually a gold cart filled with explosions that will detonate once it arrives in the Junker Queen’s hideout.

Reworking heroes

The latest patch has also included the new changes for D.Va and Mercy. PC players were able to test these new changes in the PTR for three weeks, and now Blizzard is finally bringing the reworked heroes over to the live servers.

D.Va has traded most of her defensive options for more offensive skills. She can now shoot as she flies through the air, making her a perfect counter against aerial opponents like Pharah.

Similarly, she’s also gotten a new ability called Micro Missiles that fire a volley of deadly projects at the enemy. What’s great about the skill is that she can also use her Fusion Cannons alongside the Micro Missiles. The main downside to these changes is that her Defense Matrix has gotten a shorter uptime, making it a bit harder to shield allies.

Mercy, on the other hand, has gotten a new ultimate ability. Her Resurrect is now her second skill and is used on a cooldown basis. Moreover, she can only bring one fallen ally back to life within a limited range. Her new ultimate ability, Valkyrie, greatly enhances her current skills while granting her flight. Those who want to try these changes can download the latest “Overwatch” patch now.