Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” is gearing up to be one of the major titles to release early next year on the PlayStation 4. The crossover fighting game brings back iconic heroes from the franchise to fight and restore peace to their world. Several fan-favorite heroes like Lightning and Cloud strife are already confirmed to appear once the game launches, but it still seems like Square Enix has a few more surprises in store.

Noctis joins the battles

The “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” developers have just released a short teaser revealing Noctis as the next playable character in the fighting game, as per Twinfinite.

While there isn’t much to see, the clip highlights some of his skills that were taken from his original game. In line with this, Noctis has the ability to throw various weapons and warp around the field to create some unique combos. His warping skills also seem great when you want to confuse your enemies, making him an unpredictable fighter. Overall, he seems to play like an assassin type character who relies more on speed over power or magic.

Aside from Noctis, the trailer also explains a bit more about the game’s plot. The “Dissidia” world is on the brink of destruction and the only way to save it is through fighting, hence why the characters seem to be battling each other. The game will include some new modes which will provide some interesting challenges for players to try.

Finally, it also seems like players can fight against iconic summons from the series. There’s a short segment where Squall is fighting against Ifrit, so that’s something to look forward to. “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” launches next year on January 30 on the PS4.

‘FFXV’ projects

That aside, Square Enix also has a few other projects for Noctis’ main game.

They recently revealed that “FFXV” will be getting a PC port sometime next year. This version will support Nvidia technology that will enhance some gameplay and visual aspects, Moreover, you can also use Nvidia GeForce to record and share your gameplay online, making it easier if you plan to upload your clips on social media sites.

Moreover, “FFXV” is also getting an episodic mobile version later this year. This chibi edition will include the same cast and plot, except the gameplay has been streamlined for the casual audience. Square Enix has announced that the first episode will be free, but fans will have to pay to unlock the succeeding nine episodes. If you want to experience “FFXV” on the go, you’ll want to pick up the pocket edition later this year.