Overwatch” is a fascinating team game where two groups of players compete to control a point, defend an objective, or move the payload. There are a lot of strategies to keep in mind during matches, be it if you’re an Offense, Tank, Defense, or Support character. That said, Offensive heroes are supposed to cause the most damage during fights by defeating enemies and keeping their allies safe. Alternatively, they can also sneak behind enemy lines and surprise them by Flanking. That said, here are a few tips to help you flank more efficiently.

Find another route

When trying to flank, you shouldn't go through the main choke point for obvious reasons.It’s easy to get caught if an enemy finds you before you’ve even crossed to their side. If you want to flank, you need to have a good idea of the map layout and the Alternate Routes you can take. However, you still have to be careful as other heroes might also be on the lookout and will find you slipping through another door. Moreover, heroes like Symmetra might have set up one of two turrets by these alternate routes that’ll slow you down. Make sure the path is clear, and the enemies are busy before slipping through another path.

Use your skills

While this may seem pretty obvious, many players often forget to use their skills when flanking.

If you’re placing Tracer, don’t be afraid to use all of your charges so you can easily hide behind cover. Sombra players should obviously go into stealth mode before even attempting to infiltrate enemy lines. Don’t worry about the cooldown since these abilities recharge fairly quickly.

Positioning is everything

Once you’ve successfully made it to where you want to go, monitor your surroundings and look for the best place to strike.

Flanking is pretty useless if your enemies discover where you are, so try to find a nice little corner and strike from there. Keeping cover will disorient your enemies, giving your allies the time they need to push for an attack. If you’re playing as a Sombra, hack Tank heroes like Orisa or Reinhardt to disable their defenses.

Stall for time

Another thing flankers do best is buying time for their team by stalling enemies. As a Tracer, it’s pretty easy to keep enemies preoccupied near their spawn room. If you’re trying to contest the payload, zip in and out of view to make sure the vehicle doesn’t move. You don’t need to kill anyone, but keeping them busy with a burst of bullets should buy enough time for your team to catch up with you.