Overwatch” has a diverse cast of characters that have their own unique skills. While there are only four roles in the game, there are some hybrid characters that can fulfill more than one role. These characters can shield their team while wiping out the enemy, or deal enough DPS and continue healing their allies. That said, there are a handful of these types of Heroes in the game, but here are my Top three “Overwatch” hybrid heroes.


Sombra's a heavily underutilized in the game and has been out of the meta since she joined the game last year.

Nonetheless, I still think that Sombra is a powerful hero who can down enemies while having the ability to silence them. Sombra falls under the Offense class, but her Hack skill makes her a hybrid Support hero. She can hack turrets to immobilize them for a few seconds and even hack health packs to make them exclusive for her team only. The best thing about this skill is that she can hack enemies to prevent them from using any abilities for a few seconds. This is a very strong debuff that can leave the enemy team open for an attack, especially “Overwatch” Tank heroes like Reinhardt and Orisa.

2. Symmetra

In "Overwatch," Symmetra is arguably the most controversial hybrid hero in “Overwatch.” Symmetra is the only Support hero who can’t heal and can deal the most DPS if enemies are grouped up.

She can, however, provide 75 HP shields for her allies and bring them back to the point faster with her Teleporter. Symmetra’s turrets are like sensors that alert her if an enemy is passing through a certain point on the map, but they can also be used offensively by placing all six in a choke point. That said, I think she also doubles as a Defense hero with her powerful kit and gun.

3. Zenyatta

Zenyatta is also one of the more popular hybrid heroes since he can heal and pick off enemies. The interesting thing about this “Overwatch” hero is that he can heal his allies while completely destroying his enemies with his Orb of Destruction. Moreover, he can also debuff foes with his Orb of Discord by making them susceptible to 30 percent more damage.

His powerful attacks and debuff skill make him a hybrid Offense hero. The good thing about his Orb of Harmony is that he doesn’t need to follow his target, like Mercy. The only problem is that he has the worst healing rate and has no escape options, making him a fairly easy target against fast flankers like Genji or Tracer.