Blizzard recently teased a new “Overwatch” comic featuring the Russian hero, Zarya, on her mission to track down Sombra. They finally released the new story, and it has a lot of interesting new details about the heroes. Aside from fleshing out the pink-haired soldier, we also get to know a surprising fact about the Mexican hacker.


Titled “Searching,” the new comic follows Zarya on her mission that literally takes her around the world. The story is a direct continuation to the “Infiltration” cinematic Blizzard released last November. There, Sombra joined Widowmaker and Reaper on an assassination attempt against the Volskaya CEO, Katya.

However, Sombra spared her life and blackmailed Katya with images of her working with the Omnics. At the end of the cinematic, we see the CEO calling Zarya into her room which marks the beginning of “Searching.”

Zarya ends up traveling around the world in her search for the Mexican hack but to no avail. Sensing her desperation, Katya calls in an Omnic hacker to help Zarya on her mission. The Russian soldier was clearly hesitant about their partnership, but she eventually learns that not all Omnics are evil. Zarya eventually finds Sombra and they exchange blows, yet the two seem to form some kind of mutual understanding with each other. It’s also worth pointing out that the Russian Tank hero also manages to uncover Sombra’s real name.

Overall, the comic is a solid addition to “Overwatch’s” growing lore.


Lore aside, the game has gotten a few new updates over the past couple of weeks. Firstly, the highly-anticipated Junkertown map was recently included in the Competitive Play mode.

This escort map is based in the Australian Outbacks after the dreaded Omnic Crisis. Attacking players will have to deliver a payload filled with jewels and explosives up to the Junker Queen’s hideout to win the match.

Meanwhile, the Mercy and D.Va reworks have also been patched in the live servers. Mercy can no longer Resurrect a group of fallen allies since her old ultimate ability has been bound as a second skill.

Meanwhile, her new ultimate ability greatly amplifies all of her abilities and even allows her to fly around the field. D.Va, on the other hand, has traded off her defensive options for more powerful abilities. While her Defense Matrix has been nerfed, she can now shoot while flying with her boosters. Moreover, she’s also gotten a new offensive skill called Micro Missiles that fire a volley of projectiles at the enemy.