"Overwatch" has gone from a nearly canceled game to a lore-filled world in the past year and a half. It continues to increase in popularity. However, throughout this skyrocketing journey, few things have remained as mysterious as the true name of the character who goes by the code-name Sombra.

So, who is Sombra?

Sombra is known to be of Hispanic heritage and was once thought to be a child named Alejandra, due to her name being the only character's that wasn't outright given to the player. Even though many times, people from all over the world tried to decode her name across Reddit, and the official forum, the most people could come up with was either Elizabeth or Alejandra.

Her first appearance was in the animated short video episode "Infiltration," and her lore had continued to be expounded upon as an elite hacker with unknown motivations.

Another Hispanic child, Alejandra, had been introduced in another episode alongside Soldier: 76, the former leader of "Overwatch." That is where many believed that Sombra got her original introduction into the lore side of the franchise.

The reveal

Now, with the most recent comic to drop from PlayOverwatch though, it was finally discovered that her name is Olivia Colomar. In fact, she hadn't been that little girl from that had been seen alongside Soldier: 76 previously.

In the comic, she had been fighting with Former Russian Defense Forces soldier Aleksandra Zaryanova, who goes mostly by Zarya.

After the confrontation, Zarya leaned in close and spoke her name. The comic ended with Zarya walking away from a fiery building, leaving it unknown whether Sombra got out or not. Hopefully, this doesn't mean the end for Olivia Colomar.

It was an interesting reveal for the lore. However, while some people feel that it was nice to finally know her name, others feel that it was too soon in the lore for the reveal.

Since the comic was published, news of the name reveal has circled through social media and has been discussed thoroughly.

The importance of this revelation is still unclear, and whether it will serve to play a bigger role in the future of the lore is obscure. Not to mention the fact of how Volskaya Industries, who Zarya now works with, would have even known her name, to begin with.

Coupled with the fact that Sombra is known for deceiving her enemies, can we really believe that this name that Zarya exposed is even her true name?

What are your thoughts about this name reveal, do you think Volskaya Industries had her real name or has Sombra continued to fool the world?