Monster Hunter Stories” is out now. With its amazing world and unique story, the game is setting up the bar for the “Monster Hunter” series. Being the first of the series to have a storyline and a mellowed down gameplay-- the new game has proven fans wrong by the charm of its own.

If you have just started playing the game then you have a lot of things to learn. Here's what you need to know on egg patterns.

Monster Dens

egg hunting in “Monster Hunter Stories” can be quite tricky. It's fun at first, as the game literally tosses out a mix of different eggs per cave, but two to three hours after playing it becomes frustrating.

The game only lets its players get one egg out of many, so you really need to dig through nests to get a good one. Passing up a rare type of egg is really bad, especially much later in the game when you need stronger monsters.

Players should take note of what kind of Monster Dens they’re going into. There are three types: Normal Dens; which gives you an average monster, Golden Dens; which gives you rare eggs of some quality, and Red Dens; which will give you a high-ranking monster. If you want to get some quality monsters, you need to choose an appropriate Monster Den first.

If players are looking for a specific kind of egg, it would be wise to use paintballs. By throwing three paintballs at a certain monster you like during battle, the monster might just give you a chance to show you its nest.

Navirou’s commentary

The last thing to remember is you have to take note of when an egg hatching is Navirou. In “Monster Hunter Stories,” Navirou joins your party after a certain event. Although he doesn’t support you in attacking other monsters, he is quite helpful in giving advice.

One of the things that Navirou will be very useful at is describing eggs.

His comments indicate important characters each egg has when you pick them up. Navirou will first make a comment after entering a nest. He’ll tell you whether it’s Normal, Good or Dangerous. Normal means average monsters, Good means that players might just get a quality egg, and Dangerous meaning that the egg you might get is influenced by a strong monster looming in.

After successfully getting your hands on an egg, Navirou will tell you something about smell and weight. Eggs that don’t smell anything have fewer quality kills than smelly eggs, which have a much better one. However, what you should look out for are the nice smelling ones who have the best quality genes.

Remembering all these cues will certainly help you throughout the game. “Monster Hunter Stories” is now available for the Nintendo 3DS worldwide.