Monster Hunter” fans rejoice! “Monster Hunter Stories” is here and the game is bringing a lot of new things to the series. Unlike its predecessors, the newest installment has a storyline to follow which makes it more of an adventure from previous games. Another major departure from the original series is the gameplay; in “Monster Hunter Stories,” the players fight monsters and other Riders in a turn-based system.

With all of these new changes and other factors in the game that is different from the original “Monster Hunter” series, there is a lot to discover.

Here are some tips for people who are just starting their journey.

Turn based System and Monsters

What makes “Monster Hunter Stories” unique from its predecessors is the turn based system battle. In order to defeat monsters or other riders, the players need to understand the new system and how it works. In “Monster Hunter Stories,” the player and the monster take turns in attacking their opponent. They work as a team, and the players even have the ability to ride the monsters if their affinity during battle has reached a certain level. An important part of this new battle system is the rock-paper-scissors effects rule. Pick an attack type that is stronger to the one they use and you’ll do well.

Battles only have 3 hearts available for the entire team. You and your monsters can only be defeated 3 times before being sent back to the checkpoint to start again, so plan carefully.

Another thing you have to do in connection to battles is to defeat one of every monster. During the game, you will receive a book called Monsterpedia which records the monsters you fought.

It is extremely helpful to defeat one of every monster because if you do, the Monsterpedia will allow you to see the HP of the enemy the next time you encounter them.

Monster Eggs and Side Quests

Don’t miss out any opportunity to get eggs. Eggs are crucial because they contain Monsters you can add to your team. You can get an egg by exploring Monster Dens on the map.

Be sure to do this after you have upgraded your kinship stone and you’re sure to get powerful monsters.

Also, do not miss any Rare Monster Den. Eggs found inside are stronger than normal and it’s really worth the effort.

Side Quests are very helpful on your journey. In “Monster Hunter Stories,” quests will often have great rewards for players. Remember to always look for side quests in every town to get good items and make sure to do them first before you proceed to do any task on the Quest Board. You might just get a repeated objective, save yourself from going out again.

Monster Hunter Stories” is out now for the Nintendo 3DS.