Red Dead Redemption 2” is one of the heavily speculated and most awaited titles in the gaming world today. Talks about the second game installment from Rockstar Games have been rampant since early 2016. With the game developer trickling vague information about the upcoming video game, most fans cling to speculations.

Recently, there is an invitation making rounds online about the game’s Open Beta. While the offer sounds tempting, the fact remains that Rockstar Games has not announced any Open Beta or Early Access for their upcoming title. The game’s release window is slated for Spring of 2018 and an Open Beta at this part of the year would be awesome, if it is authentic.

Beta invites

On Twitter, an account recently posted about the Open Beta of “Red Dead Redemption 2.” However, according to a report from EGMNow, the promotion is not authentic. The site adds that its only intention is to phish private information or to scam gamers.

Why is it fake?

The account does not appear like a fake one. However, it uses the typeface that the Open Beta of “Destiny 2” used in its banner. Aside from the typeface, the account also noted that the page’s source location is in Queens, New York. Interestingly, Rockstar Games has no office, hub, or a headquarters in that area. The fake account also lacks any official description or a link to the official sources that belong to the game developer.

If you try to check the said account on Twitter, it is already suspended as of press time.

Rockstar Games is actually not the type of company that launches Open Beta for its titles. In fact, it spends time in every project’s development and releases them when it is ready. So if an email or an online invitation is offering an Early Access to the highly anticipated game, be careful to scrutinize it first.

Most likely, it is a scam riding with the hype of the game.

Release date

Any invitation or promotion about Rockstar Games’ upcoming title is definitely tempting apparently because of the delay of its release. The game was initially scheduled to release in Fall 2017. It was later pushed to Spring 2018 and fans are expecting that it would mean March 2018.

Take-Two Interactive, however, confirmed recently, that the game would not be available until March 31 at the earliest. That means that it will most likely be released in the latter part of April or May 2018. Fans are hoping that the given date will no longer face another delay. “Red Dead Redemption 2” will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.