"Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" made waves in the MSC and now with the incoming MPC or Mobile Legends Philippines Cup. To welcome the event and Season 6 of the game, new heroes and skins have been prepared for the players. Skins for Miya and Kagura that were a hit were themed Modena Butterfly for Miya, and Sakura Miko for Kagura. Just recently, Irithel, Argus, and Odette joined the "Mobile Legends" hero roster. Now, another hero joins the fray but with a twist. It appears that Lancelot, the perfumed knight, is Odette's lover. You can verify this in the hero background you will find in the game interface for Odette.

The background reads, " Despite being universally admired, Odette had been lonely at heart until chance brought her to Lancelot, whose wounds had led him to faint on the lakeshore. During Lancelot's recovery, the two soon develop a deep unconditional love.

Who are Odette and Lancelot?

Odette is the thirteenth-generation scion of the Regina family. They reside in the Swan Castle beside Swan Lake. According to legend, swans flocked to the lake to pay their respects the moment she was born, thus the name Swan Princess. She is a very attractive mage, who despite being adored by people, is lonely deep inside. Her skills include her passive skill "Lake Ambience," and her active skills "Avian Authority," "Blue Nova," and "Swan Song." Lancelot has not yet officially released on the normal servers but people from the advanced servers have tried using Lancelot.

Apparently, he is an assassin and you can have him for 32 000 battle points or BPs. For players who have tried using Lancelot, the feedback is good and that the hero is a good choice in battles.

What did the romance spark in players?

The players were happy that a hero couple is now present in the game.

More and more independent fan art is circulating around the internet with "Mobile Legends" heroes as their subject. Of course, fan fiction comes with the art and several love teams have unofficially been formed. Some of the most popular love teams in the game are between Layla and Clint, Rafaela and Alucard, and Kagura and Hayabusa.

Now that an official hero couple has been released, more art and fanfiction from all over the world can be expected. Seeing how both Odette and Lancelot are good-looking characters, people are hyped up about all the stories and fan art they can make for the couple. Also, imagine all the couples who play "Mobile Legends" together who can still play as couples in-game!