If you are a "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" player, you have witnessed how the game has made elaborate skins for different heroes. Skins can either be purchased using diamonds, won on the lucky spin, earned by completing tasks, gifted by friends, or bought with skin fragments. Nonetheless, acquiring one is not easy. The game releases new skins frequently and there are also special skins for their Starlight members. Starlight members are somewhat VIP players that get special rewards and visual effects. To be a starlight member, you will need diamonds for a monthly subscription.

If you just want one skin for yourself, you can also buy it with diamonds.

What are diamonds for?

Diamonds can be used in a lot of in-game items including skins and heroes. It is the currency that "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" use in their games aside from battle points. Battle points are rewarded in battles and chests. You can buy heroes with battle points. As compared to battle points and tickets which can only get heroes, diamonds can be used for events like the magic wheel, boxes, horns, and more in-game items that only diamonds can buy. These items usually do not have a direct impact on the total game experience. The skins usually give an additional 8 points to your physical attack. That is not a very big difference when it comes to the gameplay.

How do you get diamonds on "Mobile Legends"?

You can get diamonds by purchasing them. You can pay with your credit or debit card, telecommunications provider, and by using Google cards and gift cards. To be able to recharge diamonds, you will need to bind your account to your Google account. Make sure that in your Google account, you provide the details for your preferred payment methods.

You can either enter your Credit Card or debit card number or any other payment method you feel comfortable with.

Using the Paymaya application to recharge diamonds

In the Philippines, there is an application powered by Smart telecommunications that allow the players to acquire virtual money. This can be used to recharge diamonds on "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang." To do so, download the application from the Google Play store and register your mobile number.

Fill in the required personal information so you can get your card number. Once you have a card number, you can go to 7/11, SM stores, Robinson stores, Ministop, BDO, or Smart telecommunications centers to load any amount not less than 100 pesos. After a successful payment, you can now enter your card number on your Google account as the mode of payment. It works as a virtual visa and is a very convenient and secure way of recharging diamonds. Log into the game when you have loaded a sufficient amount and go buy those diamonds and get the hero Freya as a recharge gift!