Bungie released the patch notes for the upcoming Update on “Destiny 2.” The patch notes revealed a lot of bug fixes in the game, as well as several improvements. “Destiny 2” has been one of the most popular shooting games in recent memory. Fans are also happy that the studio is doing its best to keep the game running properly, such as a continuous addition of new contents.

Features in the upcoming update

Most of the features in the upcoming update are bug fixes. First is the issue where players can lose their Veteran's Transmat Effect if they deleted a character.

The update will also fix the issue where clan engrams will grant Trials of the Nine, as well as raid rewards in a character that only has 10 power. The bug where the His Highness's Seal quest does not progress properly will also get fixed.

Bungie also confirmed that quest progress will still increment at 1, while the Quest Step will require 10 Seals in order to be collected. The upcoming update will also fix the bug where raid milestones will not appear after the weekly reset. The issue where players are getting killed continuously without being able to resurrect will also get fixed. The studio also warns players that they might lose Leviathan Raid Keys because of a bug. According to the developers, it can happen when a player creates a new character after earning raid keys.

Bungie is currently working on a fix for the issue.

Release date of the update

According to Bungie, the update will be released on October 3. The company also confirmed that they are aware of the issue where Cayde's Stash and Lost Sector's chest are not being rewarded to players properly. Bungie confirmed that they are working on the issue, too.

Due to this, players can expect more updates to come into the game, especially in the console platform. They announced that they are trying to solve the issue in PS4 where players are experiencing a crash that says Error CE-34878-0.

It is also known that Bungie recently announced that there will be some weapon changes in the game.

They also confirmed that these changes will focus on balancing some weapons that exceed its effectiveness in most combat situations. Due to this, players can expect overpowered weapons to be nerfed for a fair gameplay. The studio did not announce any release date for the weapon changes as they confirmed that they are still monitoring most of the weapons in the game.