Fans are reacting positively to Capcom's latest DLC just days after its release. The downloadable content featured new character costumes and the latest addition to the Street Fighter roster, Menat. The Egyptian fortune teller made her debut 29th of August 2017, though coming in as a new character, Menat is already building up a fan base of her own.

A solid backstory

Through her backstory, we find Menat as an apprentice to a famous Italian fortune teller, Rose. Like Rose, Menat wields a mysterious form of energy known as Soul Power. Menat is seen commanding a floating orb which she uses to attack her opponents with.

Sometimes referred to as 'The Eyes of the future', she warned Ed about his fate and foretold Ed and Balrog would come across difficult times. She then defeated Ed and warned him further before she disappeared.

From a single floating orb, she can use her special move called 'Wisdom of Thoth' to summon six orbs with her soul power. Menat can also use another special move called Kamal which can reflect and/or absorb projectiles, though it also works as a physical attack. Her fighting style requires players to know exactly when to use her orb either as a defensive weapon or as a destructive medium. Using her soul power, she can extend the base of her attacks, making her a Dhalsim-style character.

Menat can also be credited as the game's first playable character from Egypt and the first to have green eyes.


It didn't take long for 'Street Fighter V' players to notice Menat's sexy walk and her flawless belly dancing. Apart from all her unique skills, this alluring factor somehow managed to make Menat stand out. Menat can often be seen striking a few poses where she mimics a cat, which is an homage to Egyptian culture where they worshipped the four-legged animal.

You can check the videos below to see her excellent pace.

Also some NSFW POV.

And a look at her awesome skill set.

She appears in several costumes, all in an Egyptian motif. She can be seen in a high neck purple dress though she can also be seen wearing a magenta hooded revealing dress and a white mummified revealing suit as players take on different game modes in 'Street Fighter V.'

Capcom did a good job of bringing in a new character in the game instead of resurrecting a character from a past game in the series. Fans are all the more happy with this new character as they begin to pull-off wicked combos all while seeing this sexy kitten strut her stuff.