Capcom partnered up with iam8bit to release a 90's classic, a special Limited Edition 'Street Fighter II: The World Warrior' to commemorate their 30th anniversary. Set to be released this November, the revival of the classic title is a tribute to one of Capcom's best selling franchises. Through the years, 'Street Fighter' has seen ports to more than 15 gaming platforms from the original arcade version. The game has been played by more than 25 million people in North America alone and has sold over more than 14 million copies. The game could be considered as Capcom's bread and butter being the company's best-selling single consumer game software.

A collectible piece

The game is packaged as a first in a collectible line from iam8bit called the "Legacy Cartridge Collection." It will only be limited to a print run of 5,500 copies. Fans will have to bite the bullet as most limited edition collectibles tend to sell out really fast. Furthermore, being the first put's the re-release of the game at a higher collectability value than those that would come after it and a line of "Legacy Cartridge Collection" could only mean there's more to come.

The game will have two color variations: an "Opaque Ryu Headband Red" and a "Glow in the Dark Blanka Green." Nice. The first one is obviously reminiscent of Ryu's iconic red headband and the latter pays homage to the feral man from the jungles of Brazil, Blanka.

Blanka's cartridges will be housed in a translucent glow in the dark cartridge while Ryu's will just be a solid red.

A gamble

Ryu's cartridge will have a limited 4,500 copy while Blanka's cartridge will only have 1,000. These will be randomly packed so fans could keep their fingers crossed when ordering the limited edition merchandise.

The collectible product will also come in a new box with a trifold design with “glistening foil sheen, delicately embossed texture, chic spot varnish.” The game will also come complete with an instruction booklet and the much coveted “retro pack-in surprises.”

While the children of this generation would find the SNES version not much fun to play, one cannot doubt the success of the game.

Many consider 'Street Fighter II' as a game that has started the fighting-game boom during the 1990s, it had served as an inspiration to other game developers in producing their own fighting-game franchises, popularizing the genre, and setting off a resurgence of the arcade game industry in the early 1990s.

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