Arguably one of the best hack and slash action-adventure Video Games, "God of War" took the gaming industry by storm. The series was so good that it became a flagship title for the PlayStation brand spawning multiple games across several gaming platforms.

A new installment is currently in the works and will see a major change from being loosely based on Greek mythology to Norse mythology. Furthermore, the soft reboot of "God Of War" features an aged Kratos, wielding an axe instead of his iconic double-chained blades. He also guides a young boy who apparently is his son, Arteus.

His lineage is not yet revealed, and tracing it would prove a challenge given that every title in the series except "Betrayal" and "Ascension" featured a quick-time sex mini-game where Kratos gets intimate with the in-game wenches.

Parenting 101

The game's upcoming reboot will allow players to shape young Atreus through the player's actions and choices. "God of War" series protagonist gets a taste of what's it like to be a parent as players get to take part in Kratos' paternal adventure, steering the demi-god when it comes to making big decisions and guiding his son, Arteus.

These decisive moments will determine the direction of both Kratos and Arteus during the course of the game's campaign.

As Arteus' father, Kratos must teach him to hunt and fight. Arteus is said to take up an assisting role in the game using his electrified arrows, an innate ability passed on from great grand Daddy, Zeus. Though the game seemingly focuses on Kratos' fatherhood, fans will still get the "God of War" signature blood and gore. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Vice President of Marketing, Asad Qizilbash, this title will prove to be the most brutal in the series.


Apart from this new concept, Sony will also bring an artistic touch to the game's environment. To highlight the grim, war-torn world the players will be exploring, Sony made sure the artists have a unified vision as to what direction the game will take artistically. Sony showed off by posting several pieces of its newly developed concept art in its official PlayStation Twitter account.

This will undeniably be the best game in the series, given all the teasing from Sony to hype up the upcoming video game. "God of War" is set to be released early 2018, fans will most likely get more information, and see more of the father and son duo in the coming weeks.