The Nintendo Switch has been doing well these last few months, fans of the console have been wondering when they would be seeing more games coming to the Console. Nintendo announced earlier this week that they have 20 Indie Games ready for September and early 2018. They have over 100 titles ready for development as we speak -- this is good news for the people who are still waiting on games for the Switch. With over 100 games in the, works there will be something out there for everyone to play and enjoy. It's nice to see Nintendo trying to bring different kinds of games to the Nintendo Switch.

Why are indie games important?

Indie Developers help build the gaming industry. They help bring new and fresh ideas to the table, not all games made by indie developers are unique or amazing. But they help add substance to a console, indie titles give people a break from the big game titles from companies like Ubisoft or EA. These games also help add innovation and keep things different for all gamers alike.

What this can do for Nintendo is it can add small interesting games that are portable for people to take around. Not everyone wants the big first party or third party titles big developers release some people like games from small teams. Nintendo partnering up and allowing small developers to make games on their platform may also lead to big future installments.

Small games like these can also become future Triple AAA titles which can keep people playing on the Switch as well.

What games can we expect to come to the Switch?

Here are some of the titles that were announced. Super Meat Boy Forever: in this crazy sequel fans can jump and dive once again through more challenging levels and puzzles.

This will be released in 2018, Shovel Knight: King of Cards travel through four new worlds and over 30 courses to find out how King Knight ascended the throne and became a member of the Order of No Quarter. This will also be released in 2018, SteamWorld Dig 2 will allow you to dig for more riches in this new sequel. Explore vast new underground worlds when this launches September 2.

Poly Bridge is a game you can play on the go when you want to flex your creative mind. Over 100 puzzles where you can fix things and take them apart for hours of physics based fun. This will launch as a console exclusive during the holiday season. Want to see more on the list I haven't mentioned? Check out the video below which shows all the games announced in the live stream.