New game details for the "Spider-Man" PS4 during San Diego Comic-Con and the possible chances that it could surpass the "Batman: Arkham" series.

Facing the Kingpin and Mister Negative

Two of Spider-Man's notorious villains will be featured in his self-titled game: Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin and Martin Li/Mister Negative. It was during the E3 2017 gameplay trailer that both villains are at each other's throats, when Li's organization, "The Demons" are killing Fisk's men at his construction site. Spider-Man was able to save them from the Demons attack in exchange for information about their leader, which he found out it was Li himself.

Insomniac Games launched a development video for "Spider-Man" at D23 2017 that features the web-slinger fighting against Fisk, as players will know at some point they will have to fight him during the course of the game's story. Not only that, the game developers showed another concept art of Spider-Man fighting against Mister Negative in the subway during SDCC 2017.

Creative director Bryan Intihar stated that both Spidey and Li are connected to the game's story and teased other characters like Miles Morales, Peter's aunt May Parker, and even Norman Osborn, who serves as mayor of New York.

Surpassing Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkham"games?

Marvel Games vice president Mikes Jones admitted that the "Spider-Man" PS4 game had some influence from the "Batman: Arkham" series from Rocksteady Studios.

He told GameSpot that the studio's approach to Batman became the basis of what the new Spider-Man game should be, and aims to get the essence and uniqueness of Peter with a great and compelling storytelling.

This proves that the "Batman: Arkham" games had a huge impact, not just for superhero themed games, but in game development in general.

Gaming fans could not help but notice that the "Spider-Man" PS4 gameplay had a touch of "Arkham" in it, from combat to stealth approaches, while other think it may get further to the point of surpassing the Batman game.

Given that the reputation of superhero based games is tarnished, Insomniac Games and Marvel are aware of the situation and will do their best to avoid that kind of effect on "Spider-Man." Rocksteady has perfected that way Batman was made in the "Arkham" series in terms gameplay and plot. If Insomniac offers that same thrill and excitement on "Spider-Man," then it will not be long for the web slinger's game to be added to the list of the best video game titles ever.