EA DICE finally released the most anticipated “Battlefield 1” downloadable content called “In the Name of the Tsar.” Premium Pass owners can officially access the new expansion of the game. Unfortunately, those who do not own a Premium Pass will have to wait until September 19 to fully download the new content. The expansion is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC. But even though the access is limited to Premium Pass owners, the content details are not. “In The Name of The Tsar” brings a new game mode, more weapons, vehicles, and minor bug fixes.

What to expect from the new expansion?

There is no doubt that “Battlefield 1” is one of the most played first-person shooter video game in the world. This is because of the game’s solid single-player functionality. According to a report from Kotaku, "In the Name of the Tsar" relates to Russia’s involvement in World War I. In the new update, players will get the chance to choose as one of the two Russian factions, namely the Russian Empire’s White Guard, or the Revolutionary Troops of the Red Army.

What are the new maps and weapons?

Five new exciting and challenging maps were added to the game. The maps are Galicia, Brusilov Keep, Albion, Tsaritsyn, and Volga River. The new expansion also brings new weapons for all classes, such as FA Automatic Rifle and General Liu Rifle for Medic, Parabellum MG 14/17 and Perino Model 1908 for Support, Model 1900 and SMG 08/18 for Assault, Mosin Nagant M91 and Vetterli Vitali M1870/87 for Scout, C93 Carbine for Pilot or Tanker, Nagant Revolver and Obrez Pistol for Sidearm (all kits), and Cossack Dagger and Dud Club for Melee (all kits).

What is Supply Drop Game Mode?

In addition to the five maps, the new Supply Drop Game Mode will be making its appearance as well. Resupplying troops and delivering the much-needed supplies were necessary moves to achieve victory in the World War 1. In the Supply Drop Game Mode, players must defend each airdrop location to recover the supplies.

Airdrops will appear periodically. The team that successfully recovers the most supplies at the end of the match will win the game.

New Specializations and Service Assignments

The “Battlefield 1: In The Name of The Tsar” expansion also brings new Service Assignments and Specializations. Players can customize their characters in the Specializations feature.

Before starting the game, players will have to choose from three Specializations, which are Flak, Cover, and Quick Regen. The remaining Specializations are seven Generic and two Kit Specific Specializations. The specific Specializations for each class can be unlocked by completing the new Service Assignment challenges.