Psyonix's "Rocket League" is due for an Autumn update later this year and recently, the studio announced that the update will include the sixth Competitive Season of the game. In a new blog post, the studio announced that they will run a soft reset for all accounts of players who placed in any Competitive Playlist. To ensure that the while player population is calibrated in time for the new season, the soft reset will be done and will require players to complete 10 placement matches for every Playlist. But ahead of the launch of the Autumn update, "Rocket League" design director Corey Davis shared some insights on the game and what surprised them the most from their observations from players' gameplay.

Studio observed 'dolphin'-like capabilities of cars

In a recent interview with IGN, "Rocket League" design director Corey Davis shared that Psyonix was "utterly flabbergasted" when they observed how players have discovered their cars can carry the ball up the wall. He admitted, "We never anticipated that level of control in the hit the ball in the air, but not to the point where you’re literally carrying it on your nose like a dolphin carrying a ball at SeaWorld." Davis also admitted that they never knew that players can in fact run up the walls and still have control of the ball before throwing it in full speed. For players who haven't tried out this technique just yet, they can master it before season 5 launches during the Autumn update.

Psyonix outlines season 5 rewards

In a recent blog post, Psyonix outlined the new season 5 rewards that "Rocket League" players can get their hands on once the season launches later this year. According to the studio, those who have earned places in the Competitive Playlists this season 4 can get their hands on a new player customization item that will be introduced when the Autumn update arrives.

The new item? Player Banners, which are unique, customizable banners linked to each Competitive Tier. Players who are interested in earning Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion, or Grand Champion banners must first achieve 12 wins for each Season Reward Level to get their hands on all four Reward Banners. The studio warned, however, that player accounts that are involved in matchmaking abuse or boosting services will not be qualified for such rewards. "Rocket League" is now playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.