Injustice 2” recently received a massive update from NetherRealm Studios. Noticeably, the update has not made big nerfs or buffs to the characters, but to the Legendary Gear. Aside from the impressive boost in power that it has received, it is now easier to earn Legendary Gear in the game.

It appears that the latest update is preparing the fighting title for the arrival of the Lightning God—Raiden. The most recent update also brought along the customary bug fixes and resolved several issues.

Legendary Gear

With the new update, players can easily obtain the Legendary Gear in “Injustice 2.

” In addition, the most recent update resolves numerous issues and has included the new Legendary Multiverse Portals. The portal was initially introduced into the game earlier in September.

The new gear has arrived for seven characters in the game, giving them access to distinct events. This includes Supergirl, Catwoman, Deadshot, Flash, Scarecrow, and Black Adam. There are also several minor nerfs to some characters.

Update 1.09 also lowered the previously high requirements needed to access these distinct events in the game. The number of hours fans are required to play the game is now reduced from 3,000 and 7,000 to 1,000 and 3,000.

Raiden’s arrival

Several days ago, NetherRealm Studios released the debut trailer for the Lightning God, Raiden.

Initially, when the contents of the Fighter Pack 2 were revealed, several fans were disappointed for the inclusion of Raiden in the roster of new fighters. However, the latest trailer that the developer released appears to have affected and changed many opinions. Aside from the Black Lightning Premiere Skin revealed, the release trailer is one of the awesome videos ever produced by the studio.

It combined all the classic moves of the character from “Mortal Kombat” while introducing a whole new level of Ultimate.

The Black Lightning Premiere Skin will be enjoyed by Ultimate Edition holders. When the skin is released, these players can avail it automatically. For those without the Ultimate Edition, the Black Lightning Skin can be availed by spending several in-game crystals.

Release date

NetherRealm Studios has not yet provided any timeline for the arrival of Raiden in the game. However, many fans believe that the Lightning God will arrive in the first two weeks of October. “Injustice 2” is now available and can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest trailer of Raiden below.