NetherRealm Studio unveiled contents of the Fighter Pack 2 of “Injustice 2” at the Gamescom 2017. The next three DLC characters that will soon be added to the game are now revealed. The game developer did not share, however, any information as to when exactly these characters are arriving in the game. Interestingly, there seems to be a date in the trailer that fans might have missed and it is possible that it is referring to Black Manta’s arrival in the game.

DLC Characters

During the Fight to Death showdown, NetherRealm Studio revealed Black Manta, Raiden and Hellboy as the next three DLC characters contained in the Fighter Pack 2.

While the game developer did not reveal any information about the release dates of the new characters in the game, there are some details in the trailer that could tell the arrival of Black Manta.

At the end of the latest trailer for the game, there is a detail that is easy to miss. In the scene where all three DLC characters are standing together, a message appears that has been the source of the latest speculations among fans. In it is the date for the launch of the gameplay trailer of Black Manta.

Gameplay release details

Most likely there is a typographical error committed on the part of the developer. It shows a May 27 release date for the gameplay of the character. The given day has a wide margin between the number of days from the reveal to the release of gameplay.

Aside from that, the character has already received the hype it deserves; prolonging even just the gameplay will make fans lose interest.

At the end of the latest reveal trailer for the Fighter Pack 2, the text says that the worldwide gameplay reveals of Black Manta is at 4 PM PST on May 27. Most likely, the team forgot to edit the months out the Fighter Pack 1’s reveal trailer.

This Sunday is August 27 and most fans are hoping that it is going to see the gameplay trailer during the weekend.

Press Release

Meanwhile, according to an official press release by NetherRealm, Fighter Pack 2 will be available for purchase starting September 12, 2017. In addition, the first character that will be released will be available for early access that same day.

Unfortunately, the developer did not reveal who will be released first. However, if the speculation about the typo error in the release date is accurate, then fans could be seeing Black Manta on the scheduled day.

Based on its previous releases, the developer always showcases the gameplay trailer of its DLC characters prior to its release. On the official Twitter account of “Injustice 2,” prior to the start of the trailer, an image of Black Manta is shown with a text saying that it will be available this September.