NetherRealm Studio launched the first Gameplay Trailer of Black Manta on August 27. The video is loaded with all the actions that will get players excited about the new DLC character of “Injustice 2.” Interestingly, it highlights the moves and abilities of the DC villain as he defeats the fan-favorite super heroes in the game.


There are several details in the first gameplay trailer released by NetherRealm Studio for Black Manta. The video shows how the upcoming character in the game can take down his opponents near or far, on the ground or in the air.

The abilities shown are lethal and players who have seen it could be excited now to get their hands on the new character of “Injustice 2.”

Rockets and Launchers

Among the notable abilities of Black Manta are his Rockets, which were first shown in the reveal trailer. The rockets come from the two launchers positioned on his shoulders. In the first gameplay trailer, it appears that the Rockets are fired in two’s. In other words, if the first one did not hit you, there is a great chance that the second Rocket will ping you. Interestingly, Black Manta can fire there Rockets when he is on the ground or even while in the air.

With this ability, the DC character can use his rockets to his advantage. He can project an aerial attack on opponents on the ground.

He can also dodge ground attacks by simply floating in the air. The only downside with this is that it is prone to aerial attacks. A nice and perfect throw could knock him down.

Laser Beams

The laser beam ability of the new DLC character was first seen in the image teased by the game creative director Ed Boon.

The two red eyes on his mask appear to produce these destructive beams. In the gameplay trailer, it seems that it can be projected in various directions and not just forward. There is a scene where Black Manta fires it in an arc shape.

Water-based technique

The latest gameplay trailer of Black Manta proves that he is also capable of using a water-based technique.

It seems that he can summon a huge wave of water and use it to harm his opponent. Aside from hitting his opponent, the water also pushes the enemy towards him enabling him to hurl quick strikes using his pair of knives.

Scorpion-like ability

His super is also shown in the gameplay trailer, which has a resemblance with “Mortal Kombat’s” Scorpion ability. Black Manta summons an item that looks like a spear, hurls it to his opponent, and pulls it back. He then fires a torrent of laser beams from his eyes that will surely create massive damage to his enemy.

You can check out below the first gameplay trailer of Black Manta. The DC villain will be available in “Injustice 2” this September. The game is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.