The latest updates for "Injustice 2" will feature new clues of the three playable characters for the DLC Pack 3 and an overview of the sequel's Guild system.

New characters for DLC Pack 3

It seems that new clues for "Injustice 2's" DLC Pack 3 have been revealed online. The first clue is the tweet from the "Mortal Kombat Online" Twitter page that featured a photo of princess Kitana. However, game producer Ed Boon replied to the tweet and answered with a simple "Nope," thus confirming that Edenian warrior will not be present in the game.

If Kitana were to become a playable fighter, she will be the fourth "Mortal Kombat" character to join the DC fighting game series along with Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden.

Although, Boon previously teased that Cyrax could be a perfect fit in the game's growing roster. Fans are also clamoring at the idea that Spawn could be added as a DLC character.

The second clue is Boon hinting another DC character that starts with a "Black" name will join the sequel. Comic Book fans speculated that it could be Black Lightning or Black Hand.

However, Black Lightning could be a premiere skin for Raiden since they have the same powers. Black Lightning can generate and manipulate electricity, and channel them into energy blasts or forcefield.

As for Black Hand, he will be the fourth Lantern user in "Injustice 2" joining Hal Jordan, Sinestro, and Atrocitus. As a member of the Black Lantern Corps.

, Black Hand has the ability to bring the dead back to life and control them as his slaves. He also has the ability to corrupt the living and turn them into Black Lanterns as well.

Guild Overview

NetherRealm Studios streamed a new game trailer for "Injustice 2" that featured the use of "Guilds" in the game.

Guilds will allow players to form a team and fight to collect new and exclusive loots in the game. Player's can either create their own guild or join one that fits their fighting style.

Guild members can fight on towers to unlock special and rare items exclusive for the team. Group battles are essential to take down powerful boss characters or help their team members get buffs and healing boosts.

Completing the quests will earn the guild game credits and status boosts for each member. The game credits can be used to unlock Mother Boxes and gain new armor sets for their character.

The guild can also earn trophies that will unlock custom backgrounds to let other guilds know that the group dominated the battlefield in the leaderboards.