Microsoft has been getting some criticism regarding its approach towards cross platform play. The company currently supports two separate platforms, namely its Xbox consoles and games on Windows PC. One of the biggest issues with players is the obvious disadvantage of controllers over a standard Keyboard And Mouse setup on Windows PCs. This becomes more apparent during competitive online first person and third person games where the keyboard and mouse setup reigns supreme when it comes to overall accuracy.

It's still happening

For the past couple of years, Microsoft has been teasing fans of an eventual keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One gaming console.

However, they have not really specified a timeframe for its addition to the gaming console nor have they given any hints regarding its development. Now, Xbox' director Mike Ybarra has assured fans that they have not yet abandoned the project and that support for the input devices will be coming to their consoles very soon.

Ybarra reiterated the company's intention of bringing in the keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One console during his talk at the PAX West panel over the weekend. The director assured fans that the peripheral's support will definitely be coming and that they are very much aware of the concerns of players and how there is currently an imbalance between the two platforms.

A big decision

The director also explained that the ultimate decision will still lie with the developers of the different games and if they will find it practical to add the particular option to their titles. For certain games, some developers may instead opt to give players an option to play against controller-only players or PC users.

There would also be an option to play with all players regardless of their platform. This would essentially eliminate the problem, but at the same time create an even bigger rift between both platforms. The best solution would, of course, be to allow players to use the same input devices regardless of the platform they are using.

Still in development

As of the moment, Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with the concept on "Gears of War 4," which is a game that currently supports cross-play between Windows and Xbox One. The company has not yet revealed any details regarding the other possible games that will be supporting a keyboard and mouse setup on the Xbox One, but they did mention that there will be a number of them that will be coming out very soon.