Gamers know the significance of The Nintendo Company to the culture of video games. This purveyor of the series "Super Mario Bros.," "The Legend Of Zelda," and "Metroid" is the biggest name in gaming. Their impact is one that cannot be easily erased.

However, it cannot be denied that Nintendo has their down times. The generation when they released the Wii U was the worst time to be a Nintendo fan. For objectivity, just consider that the Wii U only sold for about a tenth (13.94 million units) of the original number of Wii units sold (100.90 million units).

Still, Nintendo got back up from that steep decline and made 2017 their year of their comeback.

Switching gears with the Nintendo Switch

A big part of Nintendo's celebrated return was due to the release of Nintendo Switch. With 5 million units sold since its release in March, the Switch became the company's "fastest-selling console ever," according to The Verge.

And it is easy to see why that is. Simply put, Nintendo Switch is just more appealing than the Wii. It gave the company an "identity" again. In the same article, Andrew Webster writes, "Whereas the Wii U was a confusing machine that few fans latched on to, the Switch makes immediate sense."

He further cites the obvious superiority of the Switch over Nintendo's previous-generation console.

One well-liked aspect of Switch is that it is flexible; it gave users a choice. With Nintendo Switch, gamers can play their game on-the-go, or inside the comfort of their own homes.

What's more, the Switch also innovates. This is similar to what the original Wii did.

This way, the latest Nintendo console does not compete directly with Sony, Microsoft, or any other console and game manufacturers.

Their design pushes to a completely new direction, and their competitors, in turn, would have a hard time following them there.

And of course, the games!

Besides the console being a huge success, Nintendo is the owner of some of the biggest titles in gaming. Their classic titles are very hard to forget much less replace. They held a special place in the hearts of gaming fans for the past three decades or so

In 2017 Nintendo promised that the flagship titles "Super Mario Bros.," "Legend of Zelda," and "Metroid" will have new installments for the fans.

Zelda fans were already wowed by "Breath Of The Wild." There is already a new "Metroid" released, albeit for the 3DS. We're just waiting for the new "Super Mario Bros." installment, which will reportedly be released next month.