Resident Evil 2” is arguably one of the best games in the mainline series that follows Leon and Claire as they try to escape Raccoon City. Originally released for the PlayStation 1, Capcom has revealed that they will be remaking the game. However, it seems like the game will also be reimagined as a Board Game following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

It’s not an Ouija board

Capcom first released “Resident Evil 2” 20 years ago that not only improved the mechanics of the first game but also added a solid foundation of lore to the series. Following games have often referenced the Raccoon City incident, with many people praising Claire and Leon for being one of the few survivors.

While fans are eagerly awaiting the remake that still has no release date, they can settle for a board game version instead.

The idea started out as a Kickstarter project that managed to reach its goal in less than an hour, as per Nerdist. The project has reached for $500,000 and has achieved almost all of its stretch goals. The “RE2” board game allows up to four players with Leon, Claire, Ada, and Robert as “playable” characters. Aside from the main board game, there are also other expansions that include things like a mutated Dr. William Birkin or the Giant Alligator. Those who pledge will even get an alternate state of Leon which features a different costume. The campaign will continue to run until Oct.

23, while the board game is slated for a worldwide release.

‘Not A Hero’ gameplay

Board game aside, Capcom has released a new gameplay clip of the upcoming “RE7” DLC, “Not A Hero.” Here, players take control of Chris Redfield who is on his own mission after the events of the main game. Unlike Ethan, Chris has a wide arsenal of guns he can use to take down opponents.

Fittingly enough, you can even punch enemies to kill them.

“Not A Hero” is one of the two final pieces of DLC for the game, apart from “End of Zoe.” Both will be released this December as separate content and will also be included in the upcoming “RE7 Gold Edition” which is also launching in the same month. “End of Zoe” follows Zoe after the main events of the game.

If you choose to save Mia in the game, Zoe’s fate remains unknown. That said, her DLC will include new enemies to fight and swamp-filled areas to explore. Unlike Chris’ DLC, it’s unsure if “End of Zoe” will lean towards action instead of stealth. Those who want to play “Resident Evil 7” can get a copy for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.