The conflict between Tyler1 and Riot Games has become a normal way of life for members of the League of Legends subreddit on the popular social media site Reddit. The constant drama between the two entities has continued to grow, and it appears now things have gotten worse. An official Riot games employee, who goes by "Sanjuro," said some things in the subreddit Discord that may take this feud to the next level.

Riot vs. Tyler1

The original issue between Riot and Tyler1 stems back to the banning of Tyler1 in 2016. He was a popular Twitch streamer who continuously played the character Draven in competitive mode, and lashed out at teammates, or get himself killed when the game wasn't going his way.

He was quickly branded as the "most toxic player in League of Legends" by the community, and Riot took notice. They served him an indefinite ban from the game in April 2016, though he returned to playing the game from secret accounts around May of this year.

After his comeback, and what seems like, reformation, many people have begun to support his unbanning by Riot.

Sanjuro vs. Tyler1

First off, it has been made official that Riot Games employee "Sanjuro" was the one who called out Tyler1. This morning in the "League of Legends" Discord, "Sanjuro" said "he looks like a damn humunculous... tbh," during a conversation. This was shortly followed by, "honestly.. its fine he'll die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids..

then we'll be gucci."

The word quickly traveled across the "League" subreddit where members of the community discussed their shock at what he had said. Many claiming that this would cost him his job, but not before making a meme out of the situation. One thing is for sure; many people are disappointed that a member of Riot would speak out in such a way about a player regardless of who they are, or how they act.

All the while "Sanjuro" continued to press on in the Discord server, destroying any possibility of an "oops, I was hacked" defense. Before long, "Sanjuro" claimed that this incident could lead to "Rioters," or those who work for Riot, from speaking to the general public in casual conversation like they always have. He would also go on to compare Tyler1 to a terrorist in the Discord.

He attempted to lighten the massive blowback he received by claiming he was just joking around and blaming others for the over-reaction and the possibility of him losing his job.

As of this article, there has been no official word from Riot Games regarding the status of the employee, or any action they will be taking.