Kojima Productions assured its fans that veteran “Metal Gear” artist Yoji Shinkawa is still working with the studio onDeath Stranding.” The game developer confirmed this information amid the announcement of “Left Alive.”

Apparently, Shinkawa is named as the character designer of Square Enix’s surprise title at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017 last week. Following the news, fans are now worried if he already left Kojima Productions.

Kojima responds to rumors

In a most recent tweet, the game developer replied to the curiosity of fans. The developer reconfirmed that Yoji is still working with Kojima's team.

A fan also posted a new photo as proof that Shinkawa is still working on “Death Stranding” with Hideo Kojima.

So, it is clear that avid fans of Kojima and Shinkawa’s works have nothing to worry about. In fact, gaming enthusiasts expressed their relief on the comment section. They can still expect the talented artist to work on the Art of what looks to be another video game masterpiece from the team of the acclaimed "Metal Gear" series.

Apparently, fans do not need to be alarmed that he is working on a separate project. It is even great that they can now anticipate two upcoming titles from Shinkawa.

"Death Stranding" is due for release on PS4 and later on Windows PC via Steam.

Shinkawa's new project

Back at TGS 2017 last week, Square Enix debuted “Left Alive” as a promising survival game developed for PS4 and PC platforms.

The new trailer was a big surprise at the show, which impressed a lot of fans.

See the footage below.

The gameplay

The latest third-person shooter title takes place in the world of "Front Mission" and set between the events “Front Mission 5” and “Front Mission Evolved.” It features three protagonists left alone in a city of Russia devastated by war.

Each of them does what it takes to survive.

Fans can also expect Wanzers to return in the game. Wanzers are large and armored robots from the "Front Mission" franchise. Gamers will basically confront these mechas as enemies, however, they can also possibly steal and pilot a Wanzer.

In addition, the main objective of the game is survival and also has crafting elements. The game gives players the freedom on what route to take in order to reach their destinations.

Square Enix has not yet revealed the official release date of the game but it is slated for a 2018 release window. Developed and published by Square Enix, "Left Alive" is bound to launch on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.