The newGod Of War is inching closer to its release in early 2018 but it appears that game developer Sta. Monica Studio is keeping the major details under wraps and not divulge too many details about the game.

However, it doesn’t also mean the studio won’t spill some beans to whet the appetite of fans. Game Director Cory Barlog recently teased fans about the role of Atreus in Kratos’ new adventure and also offered a preview on the game’s combat.

Lack of QTEs

In the latest issue of OPM UK, he spoke broadly about the “God of War” combat and its lack of Quick-Time Events (QTEs).

He even compared the 2018 PS4 exclusive title with FIFA.

First, Barlog revealed that even without the new character Atreus, the development team would still exclude QTEs. Even though a lot of players are reminiscent of this gameplay feature, he cited that personally, he thinks there is a lot more to like in the game.

He added saying, though, that Atreus definitely serves as their mechanism to build a connection to the series’ longtime character.

Analogy with FIFA

Barlog went on to even compare the combat of the action-adventure hack and slash game with FIFA. He said that gamers play the same game every time, however, it’s hugely non-deterministic.

The game director further believes that each game is unique regardless of the fact that every game is also similar.

In any single match, there is the drama despite playing the same teams.

He shared that the development team has been trying to develop the game characters to let players enjoy an extent of freedom, which he said is the “joy of games.”

Atreus’ powers

Barlog also shed some concrete details as to the relationship of Atreus to his father, Kratos during the most recent episode of PlayStation podcast.

In the interview, he pointed out how Atreus serves as a pivotal character in the game beyond what gamers initially perceived.

Apparently, Kratos’ son plays a huge role in unraveling puzzles in the game and he has great knowledge on magic incantations. In addition to that, he is capable to cast his spell on people so they would help him and his father on their journey.

For example, he uses his magic on one person to give them a hand in solving a riddle or an army in fighting a horde of enemies.

Check out the PlayStation podcast video below.

"God of War" does not have an exact release date as of yet but it is confirmed to launch on PS4 within the first quarter of 2018. The game is a full-fledged sequel to "God of War 3" launched on PS4 and PS3 in 2010.